About Us

4K Research & Consulting, LLC, provides qualitative and quantitative research and consulting services to US businesses. The company is privately held and was established in 2009 by Keith Kirkpatrick.

A Consultative Approach
Our clients come to us to discuss their marketing and business issues, to help focus and clarify their research strategy.

  • We  have extensive experience in complex market segments and verticals, including consumer products, technology, communications, financial      products, and utilities.
  • We  work with you to understand the key underlying issues, and can design a strategic methodology that will provide real insights and answers, rather than simply spitting back data points.
  • Our fees are based on the actual resources and work required.
  • Simple jobs can be accomplished at a much lower price point, compared with large consulting firms with massive overhead, and one-off projects can be billed on an hourly  or flat-fee project basis.
  • Clients needing dedicated resources can utilize a deposit account, which provides guaranteed availability and  reduced pricing.
  • Our goal is to develop an ongoing  business relationship, so our research methodology and approach is designed to be both cost and time efficient.

4K Research adheres to a strict policy of using ethical research methodologies and guidelines to ensure that all research processes and procedures utilized are ethical and legal.

  • 4K Research & Consulting is a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP), and abides by its Code of Ethical Conduct 
  • All phases of research are handled by senior-level researchers, each with a minimum of 20 years of direct primary and secondary research experience.
  • Only one master vendor is involved:  No confusion, methodology variances, or lost findings.
  • Final reports are integrated to include both quantitative and qualitative findings, providing a richer story with more insightful findings, analyses, and recommendations.
  • Where appropriate, 4K Research & Consulting can scale and incorporate other technical experts and resources to tackle a variety of project types and sizes.

4K Research & Consulting has worked on engagements in the following industries:

Business Process Outsourcing
Business-to-business financial services
Business technology
Conferences & Events
Consumer financial services
Consumer packaged goods
Consumer technology
​Emerging technology
Energy and Utilities
Food & Beverage
Luxury Goods
Mobile Technology
Post-secondary Education
...and many others.